A Song Just For You

Because being viral is so last year

A question for you dear readers:

Would you prefer to have a few million unengaged consumers of your creations who stop by momentarily between clicks? Or a few hundred deeply engaged people who become symbiotic with your creative world?

The smart-alec answer is both. But I am not sure that is possible. I am sure it is very rare and very hard.

It isn’t an easy question, because its roots entwine with the insecurities we all carry with us.

What I do know is that I feel safe here, with you. You who have chosen to be here. You who read my words and indulge my musings.

Safe enough to share my terrible guitar playing from my messy kitchen. Unadorned.

So here is a private song. Just for you, and anyone you think might like to hear it.


BTW - the airplane sound that marks the end was seredipitous!

I wrote this song on March 22nd 2017. You can read why here, but I think it has outgrown its unusual origin story.

Split Second became the first song from ‘I’m Too Old to Die Young’. I love the produced version – it became a cover of itself. The connection is clear, but the core is different. I feel a particular kind of joy when this happens.

Yours hopefully,

Nazneen xxx

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