The HOPE list #4

Bite-sized hopelets to warm your soul. With the kids from Cappabue School, Action for racial justice, Sisters with Transistors, and Mother Earth.

April was an inspiring month. Everywhere I turned there was courage, optimism, steadfast resolve, and hope. Hope that we can make a difference, as individuals, as nations, as the world. I’m sure there was data to prove the contrary, but in April I decided to take a holiday from all naysaying. It was a much-needed, rejuvenating vacation.

Below are a few of the sights I took in on my trip.

1.      One Small Change by the Kids of Cappabue School

I love this climate rap by primary school kids from the tiny Cappabue National School in Cork in Ireland. It’s cute, cutting, fun, feisty, and a damn fine tune. This song slaps.

2.     Action for Racial Justice by Everyone (it must be everyone)

The conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd will, I hope, be a pivotal moment in our global journey to racial equality. It is a journey we will travel together. The knowledge of our pasts, the integration of our presents, the inevitable blending of our futures will make dividing the world by skin colour impossible. It has and will continue to be a slow, painful road, but change is a coming.

Here are seven simple ways you can take action today.


3.      Sisters with Transistors by Electronic Music Pioneers

You must watch this gem of a film by Lisa Rovner with narration by the incomparable Laurie Anderson. When I first heard of it I thought I might have conjured it up in a dream – it has music, female pioneers, unrelenting commitment to cause and creativity, and unashamed technophilia. It was a film made for me. But also for you. I think it’s only available in the UK for now, but I am sure this will change. This film will become a much-loved cult classic.

4.      Caring for Earth by Mother Earth

It was Earth Day on 22nd April. This event gets bigger every year and brought big promises from many. But we need to make everyday Earth Day, as Mother Earth does. She has put us on notice. Either we stop behaving like spoilt children and tidy up our room, or Mother Earth will throw us out, and do it her way.

We often talk about the world running out of time to address climate change, but it is us humans that are in trouble. Earth will adjust, accommodate and evolve as she has done many times before over the millennia. We need to grow up and take on our responsibilities, or risk overstaying our welcome.

If you need ideas and inspiration listen to the Cappabue Kids!

Yours hopefully,

Nazneen xxx

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