The livin’ is easy

And other traditions

I’m not working this week. I should be somewhere other than my home, but predictable and unpredictable events mean I am not. That’s how 2021 rolls.

So, I will spend the week watching the Olympics. Which is the perfect vacation and a family tradition I’m delighted to revive. My childhood summers were pleasantly punctuated by the quadrennial tradition of non-stop Olympics viewing, leaving the sofa only for essentials and to mimic comic sporting elements – synchronised swimming, gymnastic jazz hands, and, of course, the dressage.

I don’t know when it became shameful to say this is how you want to spend a week. But I couldn’t be happier. I will be writing music too – I have a new project underway and I’m creatively energised.


A question, dear readers. Is it acceptable for a musician to not know of George Gershwin? This is one of two spiraling unresolved debates I am engaged in. The second is about whether/which new Olympic sports should be included. I tended to the conservative view on the latter topic until BMX won my heart. On the first topic I am not wavering – I want every musician to know of George Gershwin, not simply because of his genius, because of his enduring influence.

I wasn’t doing well in this debate, Gershwin died 85 years ago, so his contemporary status is a hard sell. But then I pulled out my Ninja Dropin (BMX term) – Lana Del Rey’s ‘Doin’Time’ – one of the biggest songs of 2019 in which the homage to Gershwin could not be clearer. Gold medal secured.

Doin’ Time is one of my favourite tracks of 2019. I also liked it in 1997 when Sublime recorded it, but I much prefer Lana del Rey’s version.

By astonishing coincidence, that adds a pleasing symmetry to this post, Wikipedia informs me the original version was included in the soundtrack of the 2001 video game Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2


Yours hopefully,

Nazneen xxx

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