Today We Celebrate

But what will you do tomorrow........

Did you know today is Plant Power Day, Crown Roast Pork Day, Cereal Day, and Namesake Day? You can read the history of these and many other quirky celebrations here. I was charmed. Though not enough to participate.

I tripped into the rabbit hole of Awareness Days because tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality.

I am for all these things; I breathe them and feel them, day-in, day-out. And yet, this Awareness Day does not induce the affectionate smile Proofreading Day (also tomorrow) brings to my face.

International Women’s Day confuses me. Shouldn’t we make every day International Women’s Day because the work is everyday. Shouldn’t we want no day to be International Women’s Day because the job has been done? Shouldn’t I get over myself and just join the crowd!

Inspiring Women – women who inspire for anyone in need of inspiration

I am drawn into International Women’s Day each year due to a magazine I started in idle minutes a few years ago. ‘Magazine’ is a misnomer. I use Flipboard to save web articles because it is easy – you just click ‘+ to flipboard’ - and it turns your saved URLs into beautifully presented collections called ‘magazines’.

For my own edification, consolation, and inspiration I save pieces about women making a difference into a magazine called Inspiring Women - women who inspire for anyone in need of inspiration. It now includes 3,216 stories. I have not promoted Inspiring Women or shared it or done anything proactive with it. I simply click and save stories about inspiring women into it. For me.

But somehow, 71,253 people now follow it and the stories have been viewed 663,200 times.

And it gets a flurry of attention each International Women’s Day.

Today let’s celebrate starting

I am very happy (and amazed) at the reach of my little collection. I’m pleased the stories inspire others, and that the magazine fosters recognition of ordinary and extraordinary women making the world better and brighter.

But this day has come to symbolise something different to me. The power of starting.

I often put off starting. I’m an over-thinker, and an over-planner. I suffer interminable decision-fatigue. I find choices trying and tiring. I could easily have not started Inspiring Women. The younger me would not have; time enough to do later she would have thought. In my middle years, time feels more precious, more now-or-never, but also less scary.  

Now I just start. Whenever I can. I just start. And sometimes, quite often, that is enough. Our wonderful world takes care of the rest.  

Let’s Start Day

So, I am nominating that today and tomorrow and every day should be ‘Let’s Start Day’.

What will you start?

I leave you with one of my favourite Jam songs. Listen and you will know why!

Yours hopefully,

Nazneen xxx

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