About Yours Hopefully

Hello. Welcome to Yours Hopefully, a weekly museletter about an experiment in living hopefully, by me, Nazneen Rahman, a writer-songsinger-scientist.

In 2020, I accidentally made a one-off decision to act hopefully. It got me in a bit of trouble (with myself), but it felt good. I liked it. You can hear the full story in Making Breaking Rules which is in Together Apart, my contemplations on lockdown life, told through stories and songs.

I started wondering about hope. What does it mean to live hopefully? What does it take? I don’t know, but I’m going to explore it, and Yours Hopefully will be my travel diary, with music and musings.

About me

I’m a doctor and scientist, researching genes that cause cancer, and using the knowledge to help patients and their families. I’m passionate about making healthcare and the world more sustainable. I’m a singer-songwriter and poet, musing about the messy glory of being human. Links to my music and writings are below.

Yours Hopefully will have elements of all my passions. I hope some will resonate with you. And that maybe you will share some of your hopes and struggles. Is there anything more hopeful than sharing yourself with others?

I leave you with a song I filmed on a whim on my iPhone, on my first outing post Lockdown#1.

It always brings me home.

Yours hopefully,

Nazneen xxx

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An experiment in living hopefully. With science and songs.


A scientist singer-songwriter