Yours Hopefully
Yours Hopefully
Are You Alone or Unlonely?

Are You Alone or Unlonely?

A poem

Life is getting back to normal in England. This requires adjustments for many of us - I keep forgetting to add in travel time for IRL meetings.

I am enjoying the return of random connections and conversations. But I came to relish the forced alone time the last few years imposed. I am not alone in this.


As I walk these many hours
Talking to myself
Hunkered down
With aimless purpose

I am alone
But I am not lonely
In the power of choice

Loneliness is in that crowded room
That pointless conversation
Alone I am rich with promise
My pace, my purpose

And when I choose
My darlings
You are there
To play, pine, plan

I am never lonely
When I am alone.

I hope you are often unlonely and never lonely.

Yours hopefully,

Nazneen xxx

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Yours Hopefully
Yours Hopefully
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