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Just for the record, it wasn't me ۰۰

I don't usually write to artists but I have been known to make exceptions. Riyuchi Sakamoto was one I bowed to many years ago and Takuya Karusawa and I corresponded musically during a deeply reinforcing period of isolation.

You Nazneen now join these veritable artistes. Music draws deep on our consciousness and heals our torments. With catharsis comes joy and laughter so I'm glad to see its been working on you too.

Your Eyes.. works is quite brilliant and I've not a limp sinew left in my tortured soul. I got no wings left to clip but .. hey ! Thanks

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Hi Nazneen yours is a lovely version of a classic Kate Bush song. The first reviewer was overly dismissive hey ho! Have a good week ahead. Denis x 😀

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I have listened to it several times. It is a beautiful song and you did a wonderful performance. Many thanks.

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